jeudi 1 mars 2012

1000 backlink

Building links THE RIGHT WAY to your website is the most important component to a successful search engine optimization campaign.
  • There are many different methods to build links to a website. As a matter-a-fact, you will learn over 90 different methods in this book alone!
  • All know methods are covered, with performance tips and free helper automated tools when possible, but also including many less known link building sources. The basic link building methods are (the secret ones are secret, you will see them inside!) :
    • Article Marketing
    • Blog Commenting
    • Classified Ads
    • Document Sharing
    • e-Book Submission
    • Forum Signatures
    • Link Baiting
    • Press Releases
    • Profile Link Building
    • RSS Submissions
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Web 2.0 Backlinks
    • Directory Backlinks
    • Software Submission backlinks
    • and 80 other link building methods
How I Got 3,000+ Backlinks Automatically, FOR FREE Using Nothing But A Press Release!
  • 21 pages straight to the point lessons on press releases.
  • Included samples of Press Releases.
  • 300 Winning headlines you can use to advertise (with great conversions!) any business.
SEO Footprints Manual - Learn to find any type of website by using exact Google search phrases. Find hidden, high page rank, blogs and websites and place your comments, posts and backlinks. This is an older (2010) manual but extremely good so it's re-included.
  • EDU Links
  • EDU Forums, Government Forums, Military sites
  • EDU Guestbooks, EDU Wikis
  • Pligg Site Footprints ,PHPDug Site Footprints, Scuttle Script Footprints, ScuttlePlus Script Footprints
  • GetBoo Script Footprints
  • Viral Socializer Script Footprints
  • Video Sharing Sites Footprints
  • Social Network Platforms Footprints : Ning, Insoshi, Onesitecom, Bravenet, BuddyPress
  • Elgg Social Networking Websites
  • Drupal Powered Websites
  • Article Directories, Free Article Directory, Article Friendly, ArticleMS, Article Dashboard
  • RSS Feed and Blog Directories
  • Blog Footprints
  • Niche Website Directories
  • General Niche Directory Queries
  • Online Link Directories
  • PHPLink Directories
117 Pages manual - Learn everything you need to know about RSS Feeds. Not using RSS Feeds on your websites equals missing out lots of backlinks and visitors.
  • Unleashing the power of RSS in marketing and publishing.
  • Make your contents reach other Web Media.
  • So what do I need to know to create a RSS feed?
  • Guide to RSS : 8 videos
    • Video 1 : Finding Your RSS Feed
    • Video 2 : Creating A Custom RSS Feed
    • Video 3 : Creating A Custom Content RSS Feed
    • Video 4 : Merging Multiple RSS Feeds Into One Feed
    • Video 5 : Displaying An RSS Feed On Any Webpage
    • Video 6 : Adding An RSS Feed To Your Squidoo Lens Or Hubpages Hub
    • Video 7 : Adding An RSS Feed To Twitter And Tumblr
    • Video 8 : Adding An RSS Feed To Your Facebook and FriendFeed Profiles

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