jeudi 1 mars 2012

If you want better organic search engine rankings and more "no cost" visitors to your website, then you need to focus on generating more incoming links to your website.
I'm going to show you exactly how and provide you with automated tools so you can add thousands of powerful incoming links to your websites.
The secret of Search Engine 1st page position is not really a secret : On site content + backlinks = 1st page rankings. Discover how to build your own backlinks and never ever have to pay ridiculously high prices, monthly, for backlinks you could build yourself.

This latest link building package has basically 3 types of link generating objects :
  • Methods that use 3rd party websites, free of costs, to generate links, automatically. There are 7 methods (using 7 different websites) that you can use , for free, to automatically create backlinks for your websites. Each method comes with detailed descriptions and examples.
  • Software programs that build backlinks with minimum effort and time from your side. Time is money... if you spend 3 hours generating the same links i create in 1 minute, with a few clicks than you lost the search engine battle.
  • Lists of websites, high page rank websites, where you can place backlinks. Lists are designed to cut the time searching to zero. Some lists are used manually, other lists (like instant approval blogs lists, directory lists, rss directories lists) are used in combination with the automated link building software (blog commenter, directory submitter, rss feed submitter to name a few).
  • Rss feed submitter to name a few).
We will start from the most basic method. It will take you literally less than 15 seconds to get 150+ backlinks to your blog or website.
How to get 500+ backlinks to your website in under 1 minute. You will register an account (free) and make a few clicks, rest is automatic.
How to get around 750 backlinks (per month) from social bookmarking sites (like, for free, with a few minutes worth of work time.
Learn how to get around 100 backlinks for any new web page you put on your website, automatically. Method setup takes around 30 minutes but after that everything is automated, each time you add new content you will get backlinks, fast indexing and better search engine rankings for each new page on your websites.
Get instant aproved backlinks from auto-approved article directories, without waiting months for moderators to approve your articles. The list has 170 article directories, you can register and submit manually in about 1 hour for 170 backlinks.
Learn how to find EDU sites, GOV sites, Directories, Hubpages, Squidoo Lenses with 1 click. You can search for sites to drop your backlinks related to your keywords, making sure that you place backlinks on sites with the same topic (very important).
This automated site just on its own creates up to 200 backlinks instantly, and is simple to sign up for and use.
This backlink submitter tool allows you to have up to 50 free backlinks per day with its free membership level.
It will take around 5 minutes to submit a press release to 20+ Press Release websites. After around 2 weeks you will get up to 3000 backlinks from this press release! The press release will be distributed and published on thousands of websites that import content from the main 20 Press Release websites.

If you submit your links to my directories you will have your FREE FEATURED links approved within few days (normal waiting time is between 2 and 6 months AND featured links cost A LOT of money.).
  • 1 x Pagerank 4 Directory
  • 1 x Pagerank 3 Directory
  • 18 x Pagerank 2 Directories
  • 22 x Pagerank 1 Directories
  • 9 x Pagerank 0 (older than 6 months) Directories
  • Your links will be featured, which means that it will stay at the top of the category, with many benefits including ...
  • 1st level categories on PR2 directories have Page Rank 1. If you submit your link to those categories you will actually get backlinks from pages that have page rank 1. Only this costs 10x than this entire product.

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