jeudi 1 mars 2012

Automated Tools And Websites Lists Suite

Blog Box is an automatic blog commenting software. You can search for blogs matching your keywords (has search and find capability) or you can import pre-made lists of blogs (especially lists of auto aproval blogs - where each comment is an instant backlink). The automatic blog commenting software has many features detailed below :

Spin Syntax Capable {word1|word2} - {phrase 1 words|phrase2 words}
Search for specific keywords, find *.edu blogs, build your own lists of blogs
Check Page Rank of blogs - however this is kind of uselles when having x00,000 blogs in your lists.
Import external lists of blogs - You will receive lists of 200,000 auto approval blogs and new lists periodically.
Proxy capability - the automatic blog commenter can use lists of proxies.
Check approval of posted comments and determine auto aproval blogs - You can check how many comments were approved and you can check if a blog is auto aproval or not.
Fully Automatic Posting - Setup the comment box, choose the list and press 1 button, minimize window and go do something else.

A note : automatic blog commenting involve great potential rewards but also increased risks. Please read very carefully the user manual before deciding to use it. Building backlinks with this software is a no brainer however choosing when to use it, on what sites to use it and in what volumes it's an entirely different story.

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